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Adams ALPHA 4.3 Octave Rosewood Marimba

by Adams
Model Number: MAHA43/9G2
UPC: 105518113082
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The Alpha Series family of instruments represents the state of the art in modern instrument design. The high sweeping arc of the resonators, rich wood stain finish and polished aluminum name plate all merge seamlessly to form a visual and aural statement in modern design. Only the finest aged Honduras Rosewood is considered for the keyboard. Each bar is then tuned via the Alpha Tuning Method that ensures not only the perfect fundamental note but the perfect harmonic structure throughout the upper register. Each instrument is available in a choice of resonator color and choice of rail and end piece for an instrument as individual as you are.

  • Alpha Tuning system creates the most in-tune, open, and resonant keyboard available
  • Adams Select Honduras Rosewood available in 5.0 and 4.3 Octaves
  • The lower register of the keyboard is tuned through an incredible sixth overtone
    Voyager Frame easily adjusts to the player’s height
  • Choose the style of your marimba with options of Graphite, Whitewash, and Walnut wooden framework and Satin Gold, Black, and Desert Resonator Finishes
  • Resonator Tubes below A2 feature individual tuning control, allowing fine adjustments for changes in humidity or temperature
    Resonators feature welded construction, and are suspended from the frame on rubber isolation mounts, eliminating the possibility of any mechanical noise or vibration
  • Soft Bag sets and flight cases are available for protection during transport

Flowing Design. Tonal Perfection. 

Alpha Series keyboards feature tuning advancements that further enhance the sound of the instruments, notably making the upper registers sound more open and resonant.  Using a proprietary computer assisted method, Adams is the only company producing bars meticulously precision tuned though an incredible sixth overtone in the lower register. This exclusive tuning process gives our keyboards the most stable pitch and evenness of sound available, and allows Adams complete control over all aspects of the marimba's sound.

The most resonant wood on the planet

Honduras Rosewood, a very unique wood with unparalleled sound qualities grows in the heart of Central America. The beauty of its resonance can even be heard on a raw-cut piece of wood Honduras Rosewood, which is also known for its hardness and durability.   

These typical characteristics makes it the best and most valuable wood available for crafting mallet instruments.

Superior Honduras Rosewood Bars
Only the finest aged Honduras Rosewood is considered for an Alpha Series keyboard. This selected Honduras Rosewood is possible only through years of intensive advancement in soucring and tuning techniques. 
The Alpha Series Bars are the first choice out of every new production series we craft. This, in combination with the Alpha Tuning Method allows to create the Superior Marimba Keyboards we use for the Alpha Series.

Illegal trade and overharvesting is a real threat for Honduras Rosewood, and local communities in the region. The high demand of the hardwood-furniture industry drives illegal trade, and even many companies in the music industry buy from dealers without a moral compass.

Adams Musical Instruments has an own local mill with plantation to ensure sustainably and prevent unnecessary harvesting. In this way we help to protect the most beautiful wood in the world, securing the future of our beloved instruments with respect for the local community.
Every Adams mallet instrument containing Honduras Rosewood has the right documentation to prove that we work according the strict guidelines of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Adams Musical Instruments has always worked in this sustainable way, with necessary documentation. Even long before the regulations on this type of wood were tightened, and protection became a major theme in the music industry forcing companies to take action.


The Alpha Series Marimba keyboard is available in 4.3 octave range (A2 - C7) and 5.0 octave range (C2 - C7), both standardly tuned in A = 442 Hz.  


All Adams Alpha marimbas come with the worldknown Voyager frame. 

Nine colour combinations

Alpha instruments feature a dramatic addition to Adams frame design. Adams collaborated with Kessels Granger Design Works to create the newly contoured rails, end pieces, and resonators, available in different color and stain combinations.

Three solid oak rail finishes: Graphite, Walnut, and White Wash
Three powder coated resonator finishes: Black, Desert, and Satin Gold

Product Specs

  • Category: Mallet Percussion
  • Category: Marimbas
  • Color: Graphite w/ Black Resonators
  • Color: Graphite w/ Desert Resonators
  • Color: Graphite w/ Gold Resonators
  • Color: Walnut w/ Black Resonators
  • Color: Walnut w/ Desert Resonators
  • Color: Walnut w/ Gold Resonators
  • Color: Whitewash w/ Black Resonators
  • Color: Whitewash w/ Desert Resonators
  • Color: Whitewash w/ Gold Resonators