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Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!
Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!

Repairs & Custom Work

Due to the store closing, all new repair work has been suspended... but I may still personally offer repair and custom work in the near future -- Stay tuned for details! 

I have been repairing and building drums for nearly as long as I have been playing them; for well over 35 years now. My first kit was a random collection of spray painted Ludwig, Rogers, & Olympic drum sets that my dad bought for $150. That's where I cut my teeth disassembling, refinishing, repairing, and reassembling drums to make a useable kit (and I wish I still had those old drums too!) Years of experimenting & repairing turned in to assembling custom drums and eventually learning how to repair almost any drum malfunction.

Deep in my gut, I would much rather help you bring an old kit back to life than to sell you a new shiny kit.

So bring me you problems and I'll help you find a solution. New wraps, cracked shells, re-cutting edges, plugging & drilling holes -- I can help with all of it.

Below is a quick price breakdown of my most common repair options, but we can work out most any issue.

These services are generally for local customers that can bring their drums to the shop, but you can also ship your work to me as well. As always, reach out to me in an email or text message first and we'll discuss the details.



Tuning & Setup

Price depends on the type of drum, dimension, and quantity of drums that need work. Work covers installing heads, tuning, snare wire setup, and working out minor mechanical & bearing edge issues. Pricing will vary depending on the scope of work, but a few examples are shown below.

Snare Drum Setup Starting at $35
Tom Setup Starting at $25
Bass Drum Setup Starting at $35
5pc Kit Tune-up Starting at $50
5pc Kit Full Re-head & Setup Starting at $150


Cutting Bearing Edges

6" - 8" shells $15 each
10" - 13" shells $20 each
14" - 16" shells $25 each
18" - 22" shells $30 each
24" - 28" shells $35 each

* Price is per bearing edge

Shell Finishing

Size Wrap Labor Oil & Satin Gloss Finishes
6" - 10" shells $30 $40 $100
12" - 14" shells $40 $50  $125
15" - 18" shells $50 $60 $150
20" - 22" shells $60 $70 $175
24" - 26" shells $70 $80 $200
28" shells $75 $85 $250

* Price is for finishing labor only. Cost of finishing material is not included and varies by the type of finish requested. Removal of old finish and extensive shell prep is also not included

Cutting Snare Beds

$25 per drum

Shell Cutdown

$25 per cut

Drilling Holes

$2 per hole drilled  ($16 minimum fee)

Hole Repair

$10 - $50 depending on damage and type of repair

Other Work

$60 per hour

Repairs such as cracked shells, lifting seams, spot finish touchups, broken hardware, etc... This would be all the other types of work that may need to be done.