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Notice: Retail Shop Closed Until 07/05/22
Notice: Retail Shop Closed Until 07/05/22

Adams Revolution Series Timpani Set Fiberglass Bowl 26" & 29"

by Adams
Model Number: RVFISET2
UPC: 633816417252
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Product Specs

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Adams Revolution Series Timpani have a number of patented developments that you can now combines truly professional performance sound quality with an innovative balanced action pedal system, height adjustment system, wide range hand-fine tuner, and a removable, folding base for true portability. For the first time ever, calf heads can used on a balanced action pedal, and an octave can be achieved from each drum with the range tuner. There has never been a more practical, portable, high quality instrument.

The base and bowl of the Revolution Series easily separate without tools making these the only'trulyportable high quality drums available. When separated from the base, each Revolution drum maintains tension and has a range of a 5th using the hand'fine tuner feature, The base itself folds and locks and can be easily carried away using the built in handle. The oversized double locking swivel casters combined with the permanently installed locking third wheel assembly on the pedal help the Revolution drums glide with finger-tip effort.

Revolution timpani are available in standard 20,23,26,29 and 32 inch in Fiberglass bowl without fine-tuner,' Copper and Hand-hammered Copper bowl with fine-tuner. Drums' include tuning gauges, short nylon drop covers, and mutes. Padded bags are available to protect the drums while in transport with heavy-duty handle straps that make moving the Revolution drums easier than any other balanced action drum.

With the introduction of the Revolution timpani, Adams once again proves they are the world leader in timpani and percussion development.


  • Patented Un-coupling System and Frame Folding System

These new systems make the' Adams REVOLUTION timpani very easy to transport. With one simple click you take off the kettle. If thedum is fitted'with a fine-tuner option, it is also possible to play the timpani without the pedal mechanism. Ideal for Baroque music when calf heads are fitted. After placing the kettle back on the frame again, it is locked' by pushing the pedal down and you can play with the pedal again. The complete frame of the Adams Revolution timpani' folds together making' this timpani even easier to transport. An integrated handle makes this folded frame'very easy to carry by hand.

  • Patented tension mechanism

Adams has developed a system that automatically spreads the tension of the head over all of the tuning screws. This means your timpani head is always equally in balance giving you a perfect and even tone. Now replacing or tuning a timpani head couldn't be simpler!

  • Patented height adjustable system

This new system allows you to adjust your timpani height (the complete new balance system included) from 80 to 90 cm. Ideal for younger musicians and for stage levelling.

  • Patented wide range hand (fine)tuning

The new wide range hand (fine)tuner allows you to play over 1 octave per timpani. with the pedal being fitted. Without the pedal attached the range of the wide range hand (fine)tuner will be 9 halve'tones. This allows greater flexibility and' you can play e.g. a low G on both your 29'and 26' timpani.

" The new Revolution drums are just too cool!' The fine tuner alone is a great step forward for a portable instrument; works just like a fine tuner should: simple, easy and positive.The bowl detaches and reattaches easily every time...No mysteries or mechanical hangups. And best of all, they sound great! Every gigging percussionist should have a pair of these timps. "' - Jim Atwood, Louisiana Philharmonic

  • Patented Balanced Pedal'system

The new Balanced Pedal Action' that Adams have developed, makes it' possible, for the first time, to play with natural calf heads on a balanced action system timpani.