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Black Swamp CRMOUNT MultiPlate Crotale Mount

Model Number: CRMOUNT
UPC: 874717004787
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  • Designed for MultiPlates
  • Adds Single Crotale Note to Multi-Percussion Setup
  • Rubber Washers Prevent Metal-On-Metal
  • White Screw Adds Just Right Tension

The Black Swamp MultiPlate Crotale Mount gives you the ability to add a single crotale note to your multi-percussion setup in conjunction with any of their Multiplates.

This is extremely handy in those cases where you need just one note for a piece of music - now you don't need to awkwardly hold the crotale with one hand and play it with the other.

Two small rubber washers prevent any metal-on-metal contact, and a small white tension screw holds the crotale at just the right tension - not loose enough to wobble around, and not tight enough to choke the sound.

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