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On-Stage Ball Joint Adaptor - UM-01

Model Number: UM-01
UPC: 659814100828
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Original price $9.95
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The UM-01 Ball-Joint Adapter allows you to mount the u-mount Tablet
Case to the TS9900 Travel-Ease tripod stand, the TS9901 Heavy-Duty
tripod stand, or any microphone stand with standard 5/8"-27 threading.
The UM-01 acts as a substitute for the mounting arms included with the
TCM9150 Mounting System when their reach is not needed or desired.
360 of rotation and 180 of tilt are provided by a machined steel ball
joint. Typical uses include supporting a tablet computer for use as a
conductor's stand, sheet music stand, lyric sheet, prompter, typewriter,
and remote mixer.

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