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I Will Be Closed 02/03 through 02/09
I Will Be Closed 02/03 through 02/09

Shop Hours & Schedule

Standard Hours

Monday & Tuesday 10:00am - 6:00pm 
Wednesday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm

  • There may be days or times where I am not available in the shop
    Check the calendar below for details. I plan to keep this up to date with my current schedule as much as possible.

Message About My Schedule

Long time customers will know that I started working at Drums on SALE when I was 19 and have been running things here for over 26 years. During those years I have spent many long days and late nights building up the shop to what it is today. With several long time employees moving on to other careers as well as changes in my own life over the past year, I have decided to scale back the amount of time I dedicate to this lifelong endeavor.

I have started telling customers that I am going into a "semi-retirement" and will only be working part-time; and by part time I mean only working 40 hours a week.

But the shop is still as busy as ever! The return to running the shop solo and limiting my available time means I will be unavailable on the phone and in person for large chunks of time. My solution to these crunches has been to just turn off the phones to get work done or close the shop whenever I am away, to the understandable frustration of many. 

So, I am working to implement an appointment and calendar system. I will still generally be in the shop during regular hours, but if you need to have a conversation or want make sure you catch me in person you can schedule an appointment via email or text message. This will make sure that we are both available and have meaningful one-on-one time.

If you have any questions at all, please text or email me first and we can work out all the details beforehand.

Thank you for your understanding and I do hope to hear from you soon!

Christian Kline

 Current Schedule