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Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!
Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!

Thank you for a great 35 years!

After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to close up the shop at the end of 2023. Carl Spessard started the shop as a retirement project in 1988 and I have been running Drums on SALE for the Spessard family for over 27 years now.

For dozens of various reasons, I am ready to move on to other endeavors -- mainly renovating my 140 year old home and spending time with my one grown & three growing children!

Some of you have been customers from the very beginning, while many of you have joined us along the way, and some of you were brand new to the Drums on SALE family. It truly has been a pleasure to serve all of you for nearly three decades.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who came in and contacted me since late August to wish me well going forward. While I may not have enjoyed every moment of the "job" itself, I have without a doubt loved helping and working with every single person who has called, messaged, or walked through that door; from the tiniest of parts to the most outrageous of requests, it has truly been a pleasure. While I know that all of you will miss this store, please know that I will miss all of you as well, and I sincerely wish you all the best with whatever the future has in store for you.

Christian Kline


Updated Return Policy

All orders placed since September 1, 2023 are as is and final. Returns or refunds will not be accepted for any on any product sold, with the only exceptions being for lost or damaged shipments and/or products that have been shipped incorrectly. Orders placed before 09/01/23 are also no longer able to be returned or refunded.

If you have any warranty questions or concerns you may contact the products manufacturer directly.

Store Credit & Gift Cards

Please contact us if you have any questions about a gift card or store credit you believe is still on file.