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Store Closing For Good in Late October 2023!
Store Closing For Good in Late October 2023!

Camco VINTAGE Oaklawn 4pc Tuxedo Shell Pack - Champaign Sparkle

by Camco
Model Number: Camco-Tuxedo-22-champ
Used rating: Great Condition
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Oaklawn era Camco Tuxedo 4pc shell pack. The tom, snare, and bass drum are all original, while the 16" floor tom was made from an 8-ply Keller maple shell with Camco original hardware. (Tuxedo floor toms are near impossible to find, so I can understand why a previous owner put one together from parts!) This kit looks and sounds great! I know the tom, bass, and snare are still the original wrap due to the condition of the air vents (the interiors still look factory installed.) 

New Remo heads across the entire kit and new Canopus snare wires on the snare drum. Kit has been disassembled, cleaned ad all moving parts lubed. 

  • 8" x12" tom
  • 5" x 14" snare drum
  • 14" x 22" bass drum w/ rail mount
  • 16" x 16" floor tom (modern shell)
  • * snare stand is not included

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