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Fat Cat 14" 18 Strand 5+8+5 Dual-Adjustable Snare Wires w/Pitch

Model Number: FCS585
UPC: 753283301516
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Size: 14"

Fat Cat 14" 18 Strand 5+8+5 Dual-Adjustable Snare Wires w/Pitch

The Dual-Adjustable snare wires feature a tunable center wire section that lets you fine-tune your snare wires for the perfect tension combination for any drum. This allows for better snare response at lower dynamic levels and an overall expanded dynamic range,

Since 1995, Fat Cat Snappy Snares wires have been engineered for high performance, superior sound and long life. Made of high carbon steel wire, attached to stainless steel end plates for the finest quality and durability.

Choosing your Fat Cat snare wires

  • Choosing the best model of snare wire can be determined by the depth of the snare bed on the drum.Some snare drums have little to no snare bed which will require choosing the P Pitched style end plate.
    This will work the best because when the Fat Cat is attached and fully tensioned, it will automatically force the snare wires into the bottom head resulting in minimal un-wanted rattling and maximum contact and sensitivity.
  • Choose the NP No-Pitch style end plate for snare drums with a deep cut snare bed.
    In this case, the deep bed is creating the contact and there is no need for the reverse angle on the end plate.
  • Fat Cat endplates are designed to use both Cable or Strap with minimal off-set and can be used to attach to most standard throw-offs.

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