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Store Closing For Good in Late October 2023!
Store Closing For Good in Late October 2023!

Leedy VINTAGE 6.5" x 14" Professional Model Snare Drum - White Marine Pearl

by Leedy
Model Number: Leedy1465Professional
Used rating: Good Condition
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From what I can tell this is a late '20s or early '30s Leedy Professional model snare drum. The drum is in really great condition and sounds wonderful. Drum is built from a single ply of mahogany with a white marine pearl wrap. I have cleaned the drum up a little and added new heads and snare wires.

While all the parts are not completely original, they are at least fairly accurate to the drum:

  • The throw-off is Leedy but is a chrome-plated brass model and not original. At some point in this drum's history, a three-point throw was added to the drum and extra holes were drilled and are now filled.
  • The butt plate is not original, but it is a leedy brand and is also chrome-plated brass.
  • Four of the bottom tension rods are Leedy but from a different time period; the slots are a thinner design.
  • A few of the swivel nuts also look to have been replaced with chrome-plated brass versions. 

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