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LP High Hat Shekere

Model Number: LP485
UPC: 731201258166
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LP and noted artist/educator Michael Spiro have collaborated on the LP Hi-Hat Shekere (LP485). The Shekere mounts to any standard hi-hat pull rod. Its durable fiberglass shell has a unique flattened-sphere shape without the traditional "throat" of a gourd-style shekere. This shape provides an increased contact area for the beads in order to accommodate the exclusively up-and-down motion that a hi-hat generates.

The beads themselves are also unique. LP's designers experimented extensively to determine just the right bead size and hardness to achieve the most natural sound. The beads are mounted on the shell using special extra-light netting that provides easy movement and a lively response.

"For both drummers and percussionists, the Hi-Hat Shekere adds a traditional percussion sound to your setup--and for the first time--without having to add a separate player to provide it," explains Spiro. "From folkloric to salsa players, from funk drummers to hand percussionists, this is a very advanced way to add a classic percussive sound to your sonic palette."

Each Hi-Hat Shekere is supplied with three extra hi-hat seat washers to prevent the Shekere from "bottoming out" on the seat. This ensures that only the crisp, bright sound of the Shekere will be heard when the instrument is played.

Check out the LP Hi-Hat Shekere, and see what great sounds a single foot can create!

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