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Jim Greiner is highly respected as a percussion performer and educator. He's dedicated himself to promoting the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of playing percussion to people from all walks of life. Now you can add "designer" to Jim's list of credits, thanks to the introduction of LP's Jim Greiner Shekere.

Jim's namesake shekere combines old- and new-world technology to create an original version of this popular West African instrument that's amazingly musical while being extremely player-friendly. It's designed to offer the traditional sound and feel of the relatively fragile gourd-based shekere, but with the durability of contemporary materials.

  • Designed in collaboration with LP artist, Jim Greiner
  • Durable fiberglass shell with the sound of a natural gourd
  • New shell shape, modeled after a natural gourd
  • The smaller size is easier to handle during performance

Product Specs