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Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!
Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!

LP Lug-Edge Giovanni Conga Bag - LP549

Model Number: LP549
UPC: 731201805216

Hey there, sad news...we've shut down shop permanently. So you won't be able to score any drum gear via the website anymore.

if you're fortunate enough to own any of the Giovanni signature series congas, you know that the instruments deserve better treatment than to ride in an auto trunk swaddled in laundry. They deserve the new LP Lug-Edge Conga Bag Giovanni Series. Not only will this innovative gig bag house our exclusive Giovanni congas - it will secure any of LP's premium congas in style! And it will protect them! The new bag is constructed from black Denier Ballistic Nylon, an ultra light yet heavy duty fabric used in everything from top line luggage to mountaineering bags and pro baseball bat totes. It is many times stronger than conventional nylon or other gig bag materials. That's only the outer shell. Inside, the LP Lug-Edge bag is fully padded and will cushion the inevitable blows that come with club load-ins. A heavy duty zipper, complete with a foot tread for easier operation, is a welcome feature. A unique inverted design affords enhanced stability, while a generous sized adjustable shoulder strap will enable you to carry the conga with speed and comfort. Got any loose change, wrenches, ear protection, or drum keys? An ample gear pocket will stow your personal effects and tools safely. The LP Lug-Edge Giovanni Series Conga Bag is attractive, ergonomically designed, and the very picture of ruggedness.

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