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Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!
Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!

LP Monsoon Rainstick LP456M

Model Number: LP456M
UPC: 731201369671

Hey there, sad news...we've shut down shop permanently. So you won't be able to score any drum gear via the website anymore.

If youOve ever tried a rain stick, youOll attest to the thrill you get when you tilt the long tube slowly and steadily from one side to the other. The fill material conspires with the acoustics of the hollow tube to generate a rainstorm and one that lasts untilNthe inner beads hit bottom!

The new LP Monsoon Rainmaker is unique among rain sticks. Constructed from quality, stained wood, it features an interior architecture that lengthens the travel of the inner fill, it increases the length of the Orain shower', like never before. Although the LP Monsoon Rainmaker is only 24' tall, it produces a staggering and unprecedented 25 to 30 second rain sustain.

If youOre looking to set forth a tempest, then the LP Monsoon Rainmaker will generate the longest rain shower on the market. That is not only a design feature; it is a sigh of relief from the percussionist accustomed to reversing traditional rain sticks every ten-plus seconds.

The LP Monsoon Rainmaker is recommended for a good, long sonic soaking. As they say, Oumbrella not included'.

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