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Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!
Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!

Meinl Byzance Dual 14" Dual Multi Trash Crash - B14DUMUTR

by Meinl
Model Number: B14DUMUTR
UPC: 842960103106

Hey there, sad news...we've shut down shop permanently. So you won't be able to score any drum gear via the website anymore.

Stunning contrast of extra dry and brilliant finishes with a unique combination of hammering and lathing. This is a very versatile cymbal that can be used in many different ways around your drum or percussion setup due to the added holes. Works as a trash crash or splash alone, and can be easily stacked with another cymbal. Due to the 14" size, it can also function as a replacement for one of your hihat cymbals, or be stacked together with your existing pair for a trashy effect.


  • Lathe: Narrow Blade
  • Character: Complex, Full-bodied, Musical, Sensitive, Smooth, Warm
  • Sustain: Medium to Short
  • Made in: Turkey
  • Shaping: Hand Hammered
  • Pitch: Low Mid
  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Timbre: Medium Dark
  • Finish: Raw/Brilliant/Traditional
  • Weight: Thin
  • Styles: Gospel/Funk/Fusion/Jazz/Pop/RNB/Studio

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