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Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!
Drums on SALE is now closed - Thank you for a great 35 years!

Slingerland VINTAGE 3pc 28" 15" 18" Shell Pack - Gold Duco

Model Number: SL-281518-GD
Used rating: Good Condition

Hey there, sad news...we've shut down shop permanently. So you won't be able to score any drum gear via the website anymore.

This is a kit I assembled from a mix of different old 3ply Slingerland marching drums. 


  • 12" x 28" bass drum - Cloud badge (missing)
  • 12" x 15" tenor drum
  • 14" x 18" tenor drum
  • snare stand not included

The bass drum is the original black & gold duco finish, with a coat of clear overtop to prevent further flaking. One oop is original, while the other is a modern maple hoop. The claws are vintage, but all the lugs are modern beavertail versions. DW clamp-on spurs were added as well.

The 15" and 18" toms are vintage drums that I painted to match the rest of the kit. All the lugs, claws, tension rods, and maple hoops are modern. The 18" tom already had the wrap stripped, but the wrap was left on the 15" drum; I wasn't really going for perfection with these finishes, and the rough-n-ready look kinda fits the vibe of this kit.

So if you're looking for something a bit different, this kit will definitely turn a few heads!

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